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ecological garden renovation

This summer we had the privilege of doing ecological garden renovations at a farm in Saratoga. The farm is located in quintessential farm country, heading east on the way to Schuylerville, surrounded by miles on all sides of wild beauty. It’s a dream location for this exact kind of project: planting dozens of native plants […]

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Please stop with the Lyme tick nurseries: How to prevent ticks in yard.

Please stop with Lyme tick nurseries. Aka, How to prevent ticks in your yard. Certainly, many people are considering while they plan their outdoor spaces: “How to prevent ticks in my yard?” In the region of upstate New York where we live, Lyme disease- an infection of the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria that’s spread primarily by

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Saratoga Racetrack Gardens

  In Saratoga Springs, NY there is a network tapestry of beautiful native plant gardens. Our company has worked with hundreds of unique design/build projects over the past 15 years in the Albany, Saratoga Springs + Niskayuna/Altamont region. The Saratoga Racetrack Gardens are some of the most beautiful, functional and eco-productive that we have ever

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treat yourself to a native Liatris.

Treat Yourself   Winter was long. You’ve undoubtedly been working really hard and growing as a person too. We’re super proud of you. Good job! It’s so very close to spring and you made it. You’re more beautiful and smarter than ever before, too. You deserve to treat yourself to a baby native plant for

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eco-friendly gardens

Eco-friendly Gardens and Edible landscaping in Clifton Park, NY Edible plants can nicely augment eco-friendly gardens. In Clifton Park, NY (which is located in southern Saratoga County), there’s an eco-friendly landscaped property that we’ve used edible gardens and edible plants and herbs generously in the design. The above photo contains a June-bearing Strawberry as groundcover

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Monarch caterpillars on Milkweed

Butterfly Garden DIY: How To Jesse taught a workshop at a regional garden expo. “Butterfly Garden DIY: How To” was the topic. Subsequently we’ve heard from folks who wanted to attend and couldn’t. This post will summarize the butterfly habitat gardening presentation. A wildlife biologist friend writes frequently about butterfly gardening and the lifecycles of

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Shade gardens Goatsbeard.

Shade Gardens in NY Recently we designed and built new shade gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY. There was a small, disorganized collection of existing shrubs and perennials in one established bed by the patio. This garden was adjacent to a woodland area that we rewilded into relaxed shade gardens. For that reason, many shade tolerant

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Natural Landscaping in Saratoga Springs, NY This summer past we had the happy occasion to work with a photographer and drone expert on a natural landscaping photo shoot in Saratoga Springs, NY. The sites photographed were naturally landscaped properties we designed or renovated over the past few years and the native trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and

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Woodland Gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY Before this summer we designed and installed new woodland gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY, in the neighborhood near Saratoga Lake. Shade gardens are one of the easiest places in the property to landscape sustainably, because of the rich and diverse body of available native plants that thrive in shade

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urban gardens

Urban Gardens A recent year we were contracted to do the design and install for the landscape renovation of an urban garden. The client’s urban location crystalized a wildlife corridor in Saratoga Springs, NY through the positioning of several dozen individual local properties with eco-savvy landscape design. This habitat renewal space is located in front

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Green construction landscaping

Green New Construction Landscaping Green new construction landscaping projects are timeless and in vogue right now as well. The opportunity presented by clearing an acre+ space around a new home is breathtaking. If there were invasive species on the property previously, the excavating machinery cured the land of the problem. Subsequently, building a new biosphere

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Shade garden in Clifton Park

Shade Garden in Clifton Park, NY In Clifton Park, NY a legacy shade garden shines. Homeowners and property managers are often puzzled by the shady parts of their property. They may want a garden but think non-native Hosta and Astilbe are the only options for a shaded space. Undeniably, the world’s forests, loaded with beautiful

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Giant Ironweed (Vernonia gigantea)

Giant Ironweed (Vernonia gigantea) is a gorgeous New York state native species plant that’s listed as endangered and rare in NYS. It is notably difficult to find for sale, even at specialty native plant nurseries. NY Ironweed (Vernonia noveboracensis) is another native Ironweed species that’s easier to locate for purchase at nurseries. Both Giant Ironweed

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winter seed sowing project

Why Seed Sow Wildflowers? Certainly, for hope. In the northeast, winter’s dreary cold can almost make us forget the glorious spectacle and fun of summer. A close connection to the land and growing things starts to feel like a distant memory. As a result, many gardeners and nature lovers overcome this by engaging in winter

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Sustainable landscaping for new construction

Sustainable landscaping for new construction. Certainly, we were delighted in 2014 when a longtime landscaping dream finally came to fruition for the first time. Because we were hired that year for our first of many new construction landscape design/build projects. At this time, the construction site was in beautiful southern Saratoga County. The homes are

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Ballston Spa nature preserve path construction.

Ballston Spa Nature Preserve Over the past month, we’ve had the honor of being a part of a lovely project. A couple in Ballston Spa, NY (just outside of Saratoga Springs) contacted us around Mother’s Day with an opportunity to build a nature preserve, with native plant gardens on a half an acre of their

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  Privacy Landscaping in Saratoga Basically, if you’re lucky, you’ll have awesome neighbors. People who live right near you that you can share space and joy with are a blessing from God. Neighborhood barbecues and tea shared on the porch with people you actually like are amazing gifts. It’s not always that way. Additionally, even

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Monarch Waystation Breeding Success Imagine our delight to see a Monarch caterpillar at the Saratoga Springs Healthy Living Market’s certified Monarch Waystation during a visit this week! When we initially envisioned and discussed the Monarch waystation project, we mentioned not expecting to even see butterflies this year. We definitely didn’t think we’d see Monarch breeding

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Monarch Butterfly Garden

Monarch Butterfly Garden This spring we designed and constructed a new Monarch Butterfly Garden in Saratoga Springs, NY. A pollinator garden was also created elsewhere at the same site to encourage and support the vegetable gardens. After planting the pollinator gardens, we realized that the site could now easily qualify for Monarch butterfly waystation status

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eco-friendly garden

Eco Friendly Garden in Saratoga In July of 2013 we designed and installed an eco friendly garden in Saratoga Springs, NY. The new, eco friendly landscaping is mostly located in the front yard of the property, and it’s really developed into something beautiful this year. We decided to create a formal garden theme to fit

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