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Serving Albany, Schenectady & Saratoga County 

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Our Story

Jessecology Eco-Landscaping LLC is a sustainable organic landscape design/build company with an attached wildflower farm. The business concept was originally created in 2005. At this point it was founded by an ecologist as a solopreneur company. Subsequently this company of organic landscapers has grown into a vibrant team of amazing people. Surely, we continue to grow.

Above all, if you think a career in eco-landscaping is for you, get in touch.

About organic gardening and Jessecology Eco-Landscaping.

 What is Jessecology, anyway?

-Jessecology is a vertically integrated sustainable, organic landscaping company with an attached wildflower farm. We do habitat restoration work that empowers homeowners to accomplish environmental conservation right at home. Our command of native species plants, trees, shrubs and native grasses has carved out a niche for us within the landscaping industry. The new 100% native species design-build projects we complete every year are cooling the capital region’s temperature and adding an immeasurable beauty and happiness quotient to our region.

The Jessecology “Nature Park.”

The ~50 acres of private land we manage organically via our Stewardship program forms a “nature park” that is also a seed bank and supply chain for us internally. Our ~75 square mile service area forms a rich migration corridor, a large nature park in a diaspora. A good way to visualize our service area is an isosceles triangle shape, with the northern point being Wilton NY, the southwest point Altamont NY and the southeastern point Albany NY. Most important, our relationships with our clients are our most precious resource. In reality, these people supported us in our pioneering phases, believed in us as our idea caught fire and became something real. Without reservation, our clients make our little eco-beautiful world go round, and they are the most important part of this work.

Mission Statement

At Jessecology Eco-Landscaping, our mission is to restore and regenerate habitat and biodiversity through sustainable landscaping practices. We are devoted to beauty and figuring out what exactly is beautiful. We believe in better quality of life for our clients and team, through continued, lifelong ecology education. 

Vision Statement

Jessecology Eco-Landscaping envisions a NYS capital region and beyond where traffic circles are so beautiful people actually want to slow down. The median and roadsides of the Northway and other NY highways could be loaded with beautiful native wildflowers. Local school campuses and industrial parks are easily transformed to climate cooling nature preserves with award winning biodiversity.

And, most centrally, our homeowners are the most important part of our work. The 75 sq mi nature park we manage, specifically the patchwork quilt of restored habitat our hundreds of clients have trusted us to complete, is the foundation of everything else we will continue to create in the future. To that end, our Stewardship Program clients’ properties form a nature park in a diaspora of 50 acres of private land under our organic management. To illustrate: we are known as pioneers in the local eco-landscaping industry, and we will be known as the premier eco-landscaping company for homeowners in NYS.

Love of Beauty is our company’s #1 core value. This is the foundation of everything we do. “It must be beautiful.” Our clients depend on us to bring them organic landscaping + a ray of sunshine. Surely, we deliver.

Organic Landscaping Team.

Jesse Peters is the founder of Jessecology Eco-Landscaping. She’s an ecologist with 2 decades of ecology field work experience. At the present time you can find her writing, reading and doing earth school wild ecology work.

Presently, Greg Peters serves as the company president. Additionally, he’s the resident landscape illustrator, office communications manager and a permaculture connoisseur.

The company is growing. We train and promote from within, providing a stable career path with upward mobility. New team members are hired at the Landscape Apprentice or Internship level position. (Internship positions are open to high school age people.) Ultimately, new team members will grow into mastery of a specific departmental skillset and concentration. Our company’s departments are the Stewardship Team, the Greenhouse Team and the Design/Build Team.

Jessecology is a company of organic landscapers dedicated to training, investing in the right people and promoting from within. To be sure, the company thrives with its rich tapestry of strong subcontractor and vendor relationships. In truth, a rising tide lifts all boats. Without reservation, we love the strong NY local business culture.

About Jessecology's organic landscaping team.

This Ballston Spa headquartered organic landscaping company has accomplished hundreds of landscape renovations and organic garden design/build projects. They utilize eco-friendly landscape design strategy, organic and sustainable methods. Altogether, the company’s service area forms a 75 square mile isosceles triangle habitat restoration “park:” from Wilton/Gansevoort NY to Albany/Altamont NY. Municipalities within their jurisdiction include Saratoga Springs, Albany, Niskayuna, Clifton Park, Schenectady, Ballston Spa, Malta, Round Lake, Delmar, Wilton, Ballston Lake, Charlton, Troy, Scotia, Glenville and Altamont.

Some of our Eco-Friendly landscaping highlights include:

Service Area

Jessecology’s service area for ecological landscape design, organic landscaping construction and native plant delivery extends from Saratoga Springs to Albany, Niskayuna and Altamont, including Delmar, Clifton Park, Malta, Ballston Spa, Ballston Lake, Round Lake and all parts of Saratoga and Schenectady Counties, including Albany.

Native Plant Supply to the Trade

Native plants, shrubs, trees and wildflower seed purchases are available by appt at the Ballston Spa NY wildflower farm location. Are you a NY/NJ area landscaper who wants to integrate more native plants into your projects? Delivery may be available, especially to Saratoga, Albany and Schenectady Counties. For information on plant availability, contact us here.