Native Plant Gardens and Landscaping in

Saratoga and Albany County

Stress-free, Beautiful Eco-Friendly Landscaping Using Wildflowers, Trees and Shrubs Indigenous to New York State for Low Maintenance, Sustainable Gardens and Landscapes that Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Support Butterflies, Birds and Pollinators.

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Organic Gardening & Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Naturally beautiful, low-maintenance, stress-free landscaping and garden designs with an ecological approach that cooperates with nature.


Habitat Restoration & Garden Design

Invite nature into your environment with custom butterfly habitat gardens, hummingbird and songbird habitat systems, pollinator gardens, rain gardens and more.

Native Plant Nursery/Wildflower Farm

Independently growing the native species plants, trees, shrubs and native grasses for our landscape designs inhouse since 2014. We grow and sell thousands of indigenous species plants every year, including many rare and/or endangered species plants. The nursery is located at our Saratoga County home. Though the lionshare of our stock is grown exclusively for our landscaping clients, we also sell wholesale to the trade, welcome DIY gardeners occasionally by appt, and have a booth at several festival markets each year.


For Developers, Builders, and Green Businesses

Green is good for business. We can help you to ensure that the exterior of your property is as beautiful and eco-friendly as the inside with low maintenance native plants landscaping to reduce your carbon footprint and support butterfly, bird and pollinator life onsite with chemical-free natural gardens.


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