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Author name: Jesse Peters

Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) is a beautiful and versatile plant that is native to North America. It is a tall, slender plant with spikes of deep blue flowers that bloom from June to September. The plant can grow up to 4-6 feet in height. As a matter of fact, it has a wide range of […]

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interpretive nature sign

Interpretive Nature Sign Gardens. One thing that differentiates a botanical garden or arboretum from an amateur nature lover’s garden is signage. Interpretive nature signs in a garden or nature preserve transform a pedestrian stroll into an educational event. When plants are labeled, the people enjoying the nature and gardens can study the plants. Labeling the

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habitat garden network

Habitat Garden Network   Over the past decade our company has been honored and delighted to create habitat restoration landscaping projects with hundreds of Capital Region residents. Our mission is to restore ecosystem function to our urban + suburban neighborhoods. By now, the gardens have absolutely taken on a new life of their own. They’ve

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Natural Landscaping in Saratoga Springs, NY This summer past we had the happy occasion to work with a photographer and drone expert on a natural landscaping photo shoot in Saratoga Springs, NY. The sites photographed were naturally landscaped properties we designed or renovated over the past few years and the native trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and

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Lake George Rain Gardens

More Rain Gardens. In spring a while ago, Jessecology designed and installed some rain gardens in Lake George. The gardens were created at an inn right on the lake. Later, we added more plants into the design. Recently we stopped by to see the progress of these Lake George rain gardens in their maturity. Native

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Woodland Gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY Before this summer we designed and installed new woodland gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY, in the neighborhood near Saratoga Lake. Shade gardens are one of the easiest places in the property to landscape sustainably, because of the rich and diverse body of available native plants that thrive in shade

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New Construction Landscaping New construction landscaping is the best opportunity for habitat restoration. People need homes. The land is disturbed during construction. As soon as the construction phase is over, adding native species trees, shrubs, perennials and native grasses is the way to bring balance to the equation. A good ecological future is possible when

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Mature tree planting.

Mature Tree Planting Without doubt, mature tree planting with native tree species is the best way to add- pound for pound- the largest and fastest habitat restoration improvements to a property. Perennials are a necessary piece of the ecosystem, and wildflower gardens are our company’s flagship product. Butterfly habitat gardens, pollinator gardens, shade gardens and

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Beautiful native flowers.

Sustainable Landscaping/Gardening: 5 Principles. Part II. Read Part I Here. The 5 Principles of Sustainable Landscaping/Gardening are: 1. Stop using all chemicals. (see previous post) 2. Remove all invasive plants. The US Forest Service defines an invasive species as being: “Non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem under consideration; and, Whose introduction causes or is likely to cause

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Sustainable Garden Principles

Sustainable Gardening/Landscaping: The 5 Principles. Part I. Sustainable Gardening/Landscaping: The 5 Principles: Part I. Read Part II Here Distilled down to basics, responsible landscaping is actually pretty simple. Sticking to the 5 “best practice” principles for eco-landscaping empowers gardeners to physically create a better world through their work. Continuing education regarding plant literacy is always

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Green construction landscaping

Green New Construction Landscaping Green new construction landscaping projects are timeless and in vogue right now as well. The opportunity presented by clearing an acre+ space around a new home is breathtaking. If there were invasive species on the property previously, the excavating machinery cured the land of the problem. Subsequently, building a new biosphere

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Wildflower lawn seed

About the Wildflower Lawns It’s early winter now, and the next few months are the ideal time for spreading wildflower seeds. Native species perennials have unique cultural needs. Perennials in the northeast need stratification to germinate. The seeds have a tough exterior hull that needs to freeze and thaw to crack open and start growing.

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Native shrub for purchase

Native Shrubs Native Shrubs for Bird Gardens. A popular request for new garden projects is “bird garden” development. Capital region families often love songbirds and doing bird conservation. The best way to attract and support songbirds to your property is by adding native shrubs. In the wild, songbirds spend all day in the understory canopy

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plant availability list

Plant Availability List   Certainly, during early greenhouse season 2024, the best way to purchase our plants is via the ECOS Pollinator Garden kits. Here is the pollinator garden kit listing for sunny conditions. Equally important, here is the ECOS Pollinator Garden kit for shade. We will host several plant sales through the season. Watch

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Birds are natural predators of ticks.

8 Natural Ways to Reduce Tick Exposure this Season. It’s almost the time of year in the northeast when we all get to enjoy the outdoors again. Exhilarating after months of cabin fever! But most of us have one nagging fear these days about time spent in nature and that is, “how do I reduce

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This year we were delighted to be asked to create a butterfly garden in Ballston Spa at a Church. In particular, Christ the Savior Orthodox Church on Eastline Rd in Saratoga County. The butterfly garden was designed to accent the lovely roadside sign the church recently had built. Certainly, this natural landscaping will rapidly develop

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Native Plant Garden Projects: This year brought many new native plant garden projects, and many return customers who wanted more projects where mature natural gardening projects exist already. Natural landscaping can be addicting like that, once a person experiences how easy and beautiful native plant garden landscaping is, and how many wonderful creatures show up overnight,

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