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organic gardening

Organic bug spray, DIY.

  Making your own natural bug spray to use during gardening is extremely easy. It’s inexpensive too. You have the choice of different essential oil brands, some of them are more or less pricey. If your plan for using your blend mostly involves spraying your clothing and shoes before gardening, do you really need more …

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Jessecology removes invasive species at the wetland construction site.

  At Jessecology, we’ve been conscious of the environmental destruction and devastation that invasive species plants can cause for almost 2 decades. And so, we admire and have huge respect for community resources like PRISM, based out of Cornell Cooperative Extension. All things considered, helping educate the public and raising awareness about invasive species is …

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goldenrod: how do you make coldbrew tea?

  We’ve begun an exploration series discovering a deeper connection and enjoyment of organic garden systems. Our company has worked with hundreds of local families through the years to do rewilding work, integrating native plants into the tapestry of their land. Creating a functional and biodiverse microclimate right at home. Folks have begun investing in …

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organic gardening with tree planting.

  People’s reasons for organic gardening are varied. Some folks love animals and want to protect our wildlife by not using harmful chemicals. Others may have health problems they’re trying to ameliorate by living a chemical free lifestyle. Organic gardening may be seen as an outdoors extension of their clean life. Organic edible gardens gain …

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organic soil in the Pinewood neighborhood of Albany, NY.

Organic Soil. The quest to manipulate the land in any facet and call it “gardening” would be shortsighted without attention to the soil condition. Healthy soils beget healthy gardens. Even a more laissez-faire habitat restoration approach like rewilding does require acknowledgment of soil quality as it regards severe mineral deficiencies. There is not a lot …

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organic garden lifestyle: White Admiral

Organic Garden Lifestyle.   We passed the official 3-year anniversary of Covid-19’s paradigm shift reframing society this week. The world is a very different place now and most people have been forced to re-evaluate a lot of their values. Organic gardens are a major component of many Americans lives in a new way. Organic gardening …

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organic gardens design

Organic Gardens Design People expect more from their landscaping these days. It’s no longer adequate for most folks when a garden is high maintenance with no benefit or returns on inputs. Many people are looking to augment edible plants into an edible garden system. Organic gardens designed with native plants are becoming more and more …

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Edible gardening in Saratoga

Edible Gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY. These days many people want to grow their own organic food and have edible gardens at home. The photo here shows some Saratoga Springs, NY edible gardens projects in raised beds. It is always a good idea to plant native plants near vegetable gardens to attract pollinators. Native flowering …

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Homeschool Butterfly Garden Project This week, to coincide with the first snowfall we had the delightful privilege of planting a butterfly garden with a homeschool group. The homeschool butterfly garden project was an education for us in the open-source learning theory. The children in this homeschool group happen to be close family friends, and permaculture …

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