Year Two in the Corporate Habitat Garden

Year Two in the Corporate Habitat Garden Last summer I was contacted by a forward thinking financial advisor in Clifton Park, NY to renovate her landscaping into something more natural and easy to care for. The area where the garden was planted sits right under a mature Ash tree, creating dry, woodland-like conditions, and so [...]

Please stop with the Lyme tick nurseries

In the region of upstate New York where I live, Lyme disease- an infection of the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria that's spread primarily by deer ticks- has become an epidemic. All the odd controversies aside, there are physical realities about this situation that are not being acknowledged. Primarily the reality that we are a part of [...]

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Get Your Handmade Holiday Garden Greeting Cards by Jessecology

Dear friends,I have so enjoyed the gardens that I've had the pleasure of creating - the habitats they provide, their impact on our local eco-systems, and the humans that I've been able to make happy with their beautiful, healthy new garden living spaces. I love them so much that I knew I needed to share [...]

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The Birthday Foundation Landscaping on Saratoga Lake

This June I decided to spend my birthday creating a foundation landscape design for a client in Malta, NY, right on Saratoga Lake. The house, located so close to the lake, is built with a high foundation to prevent flooding issues. We used New York state native plants in the design to grow as tall [...]

Poison Parsnip Season

Being mid June, it's now the time of year that Poison Parsnip (aka Wild Parsnip or Pastinaca sativa) is blooming on the roadsides, ditches, marshes and forest edges of Saratoga County. Many people confuse Poison Parsnip with the early blooming shade tolerant native species plant Golden Alexander (Zizea aurea), which is a larval host plant [...]

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At the Children’s Butterfly Garden of a Saratoga Elementary School

At the Children's Butterfly Garden of a Saratoga County Elementary School This week I had the privilege of designing a butterfly garden at a Saratoga County Elementary School. The kids were lots of fun to work with, and they were so excited to learn about habitat gardening and the different species of native plants we [...]