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Climate resilient landscaping installation is the future of our industry.

Climate Resilient Landscaping Looking into the future, climate resilient landscaping is everything. Climate resilient landscaping is more than a new buzzword. Did you know we can actually affect the health of the planet with the choices we make in our gardens? Climate resiliency is a thing that humans can build. Being thoughtful about our consumption […]

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Saratoga Racetrack Gardens

  In Saratoga Springs, NY there is a network tapestry of beautiful native plant gardens. Our company has worked with hundreds of unique design/build projects over the past 15 years in the Albany, Saratoga Springs + Niskayuna/Altamont region. The Saratoga Racetrack Gardens are some of the most beautiful, functional and eco-productive that we have ever

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Native Landscaping on Saratoga Lake

Native Landscaping in NY Recently we completed new lakeshore edge native landscaping in NY. The new garden build consisted of a home’s foundation landscape design near the shore of the lake. The house is located very close to the lake. Therefore, it was built with a high foundation to prevent flooding issues. We used New

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Municipal gardens project

Municipal Gardens Project. In July 2013 a local paper, The Post Star wrote an article about our municipal gardens native landscaping project. Doing an eco-landscape renovation at such a busy site was quite an experience. Such an open, public space was a refreshing change. Cars honked their horns all day long, people came out of

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Elderflower in garden art projects.

You have your gorgeous native plant landscaping system all designed, built and on its way to mature establishment. What happens now? Garden art projects. Now the exciting times really begin! “Garden art” is a vast category of creations, with a likely-to-be endless scope. Many of the plants and weeds in your garden are possibly edible.

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Organic bug spray, DIY.

  Making your own natural bug spray to use during gardening is extremely easy. It’s inexpensive too. You have the choice of different essential oil brands, some of them are more or less pricey. If your plan for using your blend mostly involves spraying your clothing and shoes before gardening, do you really need more

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Anise Hyssop (Agastache foeniculum)

In the northeastern US, having a butterfly garden is one of the finest life experiences possible. We need more open spaces where sun-loving butterflies can make their living. Forests cover much of the northeast. Butterflies prefer open meadows and gardens where they can sunbathe. Some people like to research how to build their own butterfly

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  Easy potato garden DIY: About 2 months ago we bought some attractive Fingerling Potatoes from the Saratoga Farmer’s Market. We forgot we had them. Subsequently they grew long, spindly eye buds and the potato bodies turned soft and flaccid. Finally, today we got around to picking the eyes off the potatoes to plant them.

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organic gardening with tree planting.

  People’s reasons for organic gardening are varied. Some folks love animals and want to protect our wildlife by not using harmful chemicals. Others may have health problems they’re trying to ameliorate by living a chemical free lifestyle. Organic gardening may be seen as an outdoors extension of their clean life. Organic edible gardens gain

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American Goldfinch, young male bird.

Reduce Tick Exposure Naturally: 8 Steps. There is nothing quite like time spent enjoying the outdoors. Exhilarating.  But many of us in the northeast have one nagging fear about time in nature and that is, “how do we reduce our tick exposure? Preferably to zero?” After almost 2 decades of organic landscaping, this is something

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Hügelkultur garden in Ballston Spa, NY.

Hügelkultur Gardens Hügelkultur garden beds are a German restorative agriculture technique that any homeowner with some extra tree branches and a bit of space can construct. There are many benefits to using this permaculture style of land management. Sinking carbon that may otherwise be considered a waste product is one environmental win. Creating a rich,

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DIY planting native plants

DIY Planting Native Plants. Every year our company receives more and more, and more requests for design plans for DIY planting native plants gardens. The excitement for the growing environmental movement is thrilling. We love all the energy and effort towards healing our ecosystem and eco-renewal! And we’d love to respond to all the new

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early blooming natives

Early Blooming Natives. Most of the flowering native plants that grow in eastern US butterfly gardens and pollinator gardens trend towards late season blooming. The timing aligns locally perfectly with the Saratoga annual racetrack season. The horses race from July through September. And that’s exactly when area native gardens in sunny spaces are blowing up

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Albany Pinebush deer gardenscaping.

Albany Deer Gardens. Albany Deer Gardens. In the summer of 2017, we got a call to renovate the gardens surrounding a townhouse in Albany, NY. The townhouse was located within the Albany Pinebush ecosystem, right near the park. The gentleman of the house was known to his friends as, “Miami Joe.” He was the first

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Monarch caterpillars on Milkweed

Butterfly Garden DIY: How To Jesse taught a workshop at a regional garden expo. “Butterfly Garden DIY: How To” was the topic. Subsequently we’ve heard from folks who wanted to attend and couldn’t. This post will summarize the butterfly habitat gardening presentation. A wildlife biologist friend writes frequently about butterfly gardening and the lifecycles of

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Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa)

Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa)   Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa, aka Actaea racemosa) is one of the finest native woodland plants. It’s also beloved as a woman’s herb. It graces the shade garden and part sun gardens and woodlands around the US. Black Cohosh has many nicknames, i.e., Bugbane or Black Snakeroot. There is also a

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Monarch Butterfly Garden

Monarch Butterfly Garden. Monarch Butterfly Garden development is easy, fun and visually beautiful. It’s good for the local ecosystem and the larger environment. And it’s good for us as people. Recently the Monarch butterfly was officially registered as an endangered species. In the ecology world though, we’ve been watching the species carefully for a very

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In spring 2017 we were delighted to be contacted for a dream project. The volunteers from a nature preserve in Schenectady, NY contacted our company to design a butterfly garden for the preserve. The Woodlawn Nature Preserve is a part of the connected Pine Grove ecosystem, aka the Albany Pine Bush. The Pine Grove is

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Shade gardens Goatsbeard.

Shade Gardens in NY Recently we designed and built new shade gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY. There was a small, disorganized collection of existing shrubs and perennials in one established bed by the patio. This garden was adjacent to a woodland area that we rewilded into relaxed shade gardens. We planted many shade tolerant New

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