Planting a Butterfly Garden with the Homeschool Group

This week, to coincide with the first snowfall I had the delightful privilege of planting a butterfly garden with a homeschool group. The children in this homeschool group happen to be the progeny of my best friend from childhood, so this butterfly garden planting adventure was extra special for me. A few weeks before we [...]

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A new butterfly garden in Malta, NY

Sometimes a strategy ecologically savvy landscape designers use to decide what to plant where on a property is to observe what plants are already growing and use them as ecological indicator species. The new butterfly garden in Malta, NY, installed over the past week was subject to this ecological landscape design technique. This Asclepias tuberosa [...]

Composting with worms for Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day a little late this year, as it fell mid-week. (And really, every day is Earth Day here.) This past Sunday we decided to add some Red Wiggler Worms, Eisenia hortensia, aka European Red Wigglers to our compost pile. The benefits of composting our food scraps and using them as soil for [...]

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Our Container Vegetable Garden, in Lake George, NY

My home edible garden is in containers, and it's teeming with life force, vitality and fruition. We planted everything in mid to late May. We've been disciplined about watering when there's no rain and the most excellent organic soil available was used. This is one great advantage to container gardening: you get complete control of [...]

An organic food garden deep in Saratoga

The past week an organic produce garden was developed deep in Saratoga county. The soil is sandy; we amended with 6 bags of compost humus. Many unique plants are being experimented with, like Italian Spinach and Tomatillo, as well as many standards. A farmer told me the other day that the more people who are [...]

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Children’s Gardening Project

This week found me delightfully engaged in one of my all time favorite types of gardening projects: I was comissioned by an amusement park center near me to design and install some Children's Gardens, with the kids there helping! We decided to use Little Acres because they are the perfect size for manageable fun for [...]