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Baptisia tinctoria flower in a Saratoga Springs, NY butterfly habitat garden.

Butterfly Habitat + the Future It’s early winter at the wildflower farm, and we’re dreaming of spring. We’ve been doing our annual greenhouse seed sowing this week, building the foundation for spring. And doing some year-end reflections on the nature of the work. Generally, the world’s been in flux for a few years. In the […]

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Ease up on the yard work.

Ease up on the yard work. It’s just kinder. “Yard Work.” This time of year, people wear themselves and each other out with yardwork. There’s raking and activity with leaf blowers. And then folks cut every green, soft tissue stem possible down to the ground. It really needs to stop. The incessant fixation on neatness

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New Construction Landscaping New construction landscaping is the best opportunity for habitat restoration. People need homes. The land is disturbed during construction. As soon as the construction phase is over, adding native species trees, shrubs, perennials and native grasses is the way to bring balance to the equation. A good ecological future is possible when

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Schenectady NY Butterfly Garden in a nature preserve

Schenectady, NY Butterfly Garden in a nature preserve. A dream came true spring 2017 when we designed and managed the installation of a butterfly garden in a Schenectady, NY nature preserve. This week saw the much anticipated butterfly garden installation at the Woodlawn Nature Preserve in Schenectady, NY. The Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve contacted

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Crow Planet by Lyanda Lynn Haupt is a highly recommended book. It is transformational to read. You get to experience life for a while from a wildlife rehabilitator’s perspective. People who do this kind of work get to see a whole extra world hidden to most normal civilians. A new acquaintance is also a wildlife

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Homeschool Butterfly Garden Project This week, to coincide with the first snowfall we had the delightful privilege of planting a butterfly garden with a homeschool group. The homeschool butterfly garden project was an education for us in the open-source learning theory. The children in this homeschool group happen to be close family friends, and permaculture

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A private Ballston Spa nature preserve.

Ballston Spa Nature Preserve Over the past month, we’ve had the honor of being a part of a lovely project. A couple in Ballston Spa, NY (just outside of Saratoga Springs) contacted us around Mother’s Day with an opportunity to build a nature preserve, with native plant gardens on a half an acre of their

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On August 9th there will be a Habitat Benefit Garden Tour in Saratoga Springs from 4pm-7pm. The tour is self-guided, consisting of ecosystem friendly, sustainable gardens designed by Jessecology. Tickets are $10 and will support the Saratoga Code Blue Shelter. They are available at 2 locations: the help desk of the Healthy Living Market in

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Monarch Waystation Breeding Success Imagine our delight to see a Monarch caterpillar at the Saratoga Springs Healthy Living Market’s certified Monarch Waystation during a visit this week! When we initially envisioned and discussed the Monarch waystation project, we mentioned not expecting to even see butterflies this year. We definitely didn’t think we’d see Monarch breeding

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Monarch Butterfly Garden

Monarch Butterfly Garden This spring we designed and constructed a new Monarch Butterfly Garden in Saratoga Springs, NY. A pollinator garden was also created elsewhere at the same site to encourage and support the vegetable gardens. After planting the pollinator gardens, we realized that the site could now easily qualify for Monarch butterfly waystation status

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ecological landscape design

Ecological Landscape Design in Ballston Spa, NY. Sometimes a strategy ecologically savvy landscape designers use to decide what to plant where on a property is to observe what plants are already growing. The observation can be used as an ecological indicator. To illustrate, the new butterfly garden in Malta, NY, installed over the past week

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