Ease up on the yard work. It’s just kinder.

This time of year, people wear themselves and each other out with raking, leaf blowers and cutting every green, soft tissued stem they can find down to the ground. It really needs to stop. This incessant fixation on neatness and sterility is counter productive for our wildlife. Many species of birds overwinter in our cold [...]

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Fun fall garden projects

Fall fun gardening projects Every fall I like to shift gears sometimes and do some gardening projects that are just shear fun. This week I got a call to create a fall festival atmosphere at a home where a 4 year old's birthday party will be happening this weekend. When I arrived the space looked [...]

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Edible gardening in southern Saratoga County.

Last year I had the privilege of designing and installing a habitat garden in Clifton Park, NY, and this week the same client and I worked together to create an edible garden on their southern Saratoga county property. During installation of the habitat garden last year we had included some garlic in the side bed, [...]

Edible gardening workshop at the fair

Contrary to what many people think, many farmers and gardeners are still harvesting delicious organic produce even this late in the fall. Thoughtful planning in the edible garden (coupled with good rainfall and temperature conditions) can expand the limits of conventional vegetable gardens and increase our capacity to eat fresh, healthy, organic food longer. Edible [...]

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