Website Construction

  Over the winter and early spring, we've been updating the website. If you've tried to send an email and haven't recieved a response, please try again. Chances are that I never recieved the email as we've experienced some website construction problems. Happy spring everybody!

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Snowy Holiday Gardens

Snowy Holiday Gardens The beauty and stillness of the winter holidays is upon us, and though winter solstice is still eight days away we've already had multiple snow storm events, often lasting days on end. The effect of the snow on the outdoors in general and our gardens in particular is just sheer beauty- quiet, [...]

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Dreaming of a Green Christmas – My Top 7 Green Gift List

Love, love love these green garden-related products and services. If you're anything like me, you dream of green while the world is cold and covered in white. This holiday season, why not do as I do and bring the garden into your home? I've curated a list of some of my favorite products, including a shelf-load of books [...]

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Planting a Butterfly Garden with the Homeschool Group

This week, to coincide with the first snowfall I had the delightful privilege of planting a butterfly garden with a homeschool group. The children in this homeschool group happen to be the progeny of my best friend from childhood, so this butterfly garden planting adventure was extra special for me. A few weeks before we [...]

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Ecological Garden Renovations at the Farm in Saratoga

This summer I had the privilege of doing ecological garden renovations at a farm in Saratoga. The farm is located in quintessential farm country, heading east on the way to Schuylerville, surrounded by miles on all sides of wild beauty. It's a dream location for this exact kind of project: planting dozens of native plants [...]

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Sustainable Landscaping for New Construction

This summer a longtime landscaping dream crystallized into reality for me: I was called on to be the landscape designer at a new Saratoga County construction site. The homes are located in a new subdivision in Clifton Park and use a lot of high end, eco-friendly building materials from the Saratoga Springs based Green Conscience [...]

Giant Ironweed (Vernonia gigantea), A Rare Beauty

Giant Ironweed (Vernonia gigantea) is a gorgeous New York state native species plant that's listed as endangered and rare in New York, and is noteably difficult to find for sale, even at specialty native plant nurseries. NY Ironweed (Vernonia noveboracensis) is another native Ironweed species that's easier to locate at nurseries. Both Giant Ironweed and [...]

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Breeding Success in the Monarch Waystation at Healthy Living

Imagine my delight to see a Monarch caterpillar at the Saratoga Springs Healthy Living Market's certified Monarch Waystation during a visit this week! When I initially wrote about the Monarch waystation project, I mentioned I didn't expect to even see butterflies this year; I definitely didn't think we'd see Monarch breeding success in the waystation [...]

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