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Author name: Ryan Platte

Cardinal Lobelia (Lobelia cardinalis)

Hummingbird Gardens in the Urban Setting. Recently we were invited to design + build several urban hummingbird gardens. The urban setting is a wonderful spot to create hummingbird garden sanctuaries. The concept of giving city dwelling wildlife a safe space to feed, drink, hide and reproduce in wildlife gardens is an exceptional one. Literally a […]

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Baptisia tinctoria flower in a Saratoga Springs, NY butterfly habitat garden.

Butterfly Habitat + the Future It’s early winter at the wildflower farm, and we’re dreaming of spring. We’ve been doing our annual greenhouse seed sowing this week, building the foundation for spring. And doing some year-end reflections on the nature of the work. Generally, the world’s been in flux for a few years. In the

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Birds are natural predators of ticks.

Songbird Gardens The American Goldfinch has exactly one brood of chicks each year. Concurrently each brood is limited to only eating seeds. 96% of infant and juvenile songbirds eat insects as their first food. Goldfinches are a rare outlier. Songbird gardens are advanced level eco-gardening systems. Birds will breed in your habitat garden when rich

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Native plant nursery in NY.

A native plant nursery is a unique anomaly in the tapestry of time and space. It departs from typical expectations of how a yard should behave. The space around it bends to adjust to its pace and cadence. Much like the Tardis from the Doctor Who universe, an organic wildflower farm can bring you other

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Inside the greenhouse at the NY flower farm.

Flower Farm in NY. This legacy post hallmarks our company’s beginnings and highlights our growth. In the beginning, when we began a new Flower Farm in NY, We lived in the quiet mountain town of Greenfield. We built our first greenhouse and the first generation of our wildflower farm there. Over the years at the flower

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A nature preserve in Schenectady needed a butterfly garden designed and supplied with native plants. The volunteers from Woodlawn contacted our company to design a butterfly garden for the preserve. The Woodlawn Nature Preserve is a part of the connected Pine Grove ecosystem, aka the Albany Pine Bush. The Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve group

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School Butterfly Garden

School Butterfly Garden Planting Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) for Monarch butterfly habitat! We were once approached by a local elementary school’s gardening advocate. A parent activist volunteers for the school gardening club. She wanted to create a school butterfly garden. The garden site is located inside a courtyard, and landscape renovations have been underway there

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Crow Planet by Lyanda Lynn Haupt is a highly recommended book. It is transformational to read. You get to experience life for a while from a wildlife rehabilitator’s perspective. People who do this kind of work get to see a whole extra world hidden to most normal civilians. A new acquaintance is also a wildlife

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Last week on the other website where I write, an article was published called Please Stop with the Lyme Tick Nurseries. The tick nursery analogy is the result of a correlation between invasive, exotic Japanese Barberry in a given region and an increase in Borrelia burgdorferi infected ticks, as studied by researchers at the University

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Scenes from the librarian’s wildlife garden There is a handful of people who were influential back when I was still in school and trying to configure my passion for habitat gardening into a career. One of them was the lovely head research librarian at the community college I then attended; her resourcefulness coupled with a

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