August Sky View of Natural Landscaping in Saratoga Springs

Drone View of a Saratoga Lake Garden

Natural Landscaping Photo Shoots in Saratoga Springs, NY

This summer past we had the happy occasion to work with Ray Stockwell of Stockwell Media on a natural landscaping photo shoot in Saratoga Springs, NY. The sites photographed were naturally landscaped properties we designed or renovated over the past few years  and the native trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and plants in the gardens and landscaping have matured nicely.

Saratoga Springs Butterfly/Bird Garden

Saratoga Springs Butterfly Garden

 In all the gardens photographed, 100% of the plants utilized were native (indigenous) to New York State, which means the plant material is useful for our community’s butterfly, songbird and pollinating insect populations for their food and shelter needs. 

Native Plants in the Natural Landscaping

Coneflower and Kids in the Garden

Natural landscaping is great for kids. Native plants grow best without chemicals, and dropping the chemical regimen is healthy for all people, pets, insects and animals. This photo shoot happily captured some friends’ kids enjoying themselves in the natural landscaping of several Saratoga spaces.

Native Plant Butterfly Gardens in Saratoga Springs

Kids Loving the Natural Landscaping

Eupatorium maculatum or E. purpureum

Joe Pye Weed Flower

Saratoga native plant Senna hebecarpa

Saratoga native plant Senna hebecarpa

Lawn Jockey in the Saratoga Natural Landscaping

Lawn Jockey in the Saratoga Natural Landscaping