Year Two in the Corporate Habitat Garden

Year Two in the Corporate Habitat Garden Last summer I was contacted by a forward thinking financial advisor in Clifton Park, NY to renovate her landscaping into something more natural and easy to care for. The area where the garden was planted sits right under a mature Ash tree, creating dry, woodland-like conditions, and so [...]

New Native Plant Gardens in Saratoga Region

Blue Mistflower in a Saratoga Springs Garden This year brought many new native plant garden projects, and many return customers who wanted more projects where mature natural gardening projects exist already. Natural landscaping can be addicting like that, once a person experiences how easy and beautiful native plant landscaping is, and how many wonderful [...]

Native Plants at the Mall?

At the Healthy Living Market in the Wilton Mall, just off exit 15 in Saratoga Springs, NY, I've been asked to plant a garden that's a mix of edible annuals (vegetables and flowers) and perennials, herbs and flowering native species. For Saratoga native plant lovers and natural gardening enthusiasts, this is a dream project. It's [...]

More about how to repel ticks naturally (mosquitoes too.)

Last spring I wrote about repelling ticks naturally. These days people who garden, hike, swim, fish or hunt are more thoughtful of protecting themselves from the Lyme Disease epidemic as more and more people are affected. So, this spring I'd mentioned my natural protection tricks, which at the time included essential oils, carefully chosen clothing [...]

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