Landscaping for privacy in Saratoga Springs NY

Privacy Landscaping in Saratoga


Quick, don’t think about it just answer: what do you think of your neighbors? Do you secretly cringe when they catch you at the mailbox? Or do you like them enough to comfortably share the neighborhood without overthinking it?

I’m asking because “landscaping for privacy” is brought up by clients at more than 50% of clients at our first meeting. Privacy landscaping is a staple in neighborhoods where people live close to each other, and unless everybody magically starts getting along privacy landscaping will continue to be a hot trend in Saratoga Springs for a long time to come.

Native plants garden in Saratoga

Native plants in the privacy landscaping



Native plants are the best choice for privacy landscape design (native plants are always the best choice for any gardens or landscaping of course) because wildflowers, trees and shrubs indigenous to our region are well acclimated to our climate, weather and conditions. This means that the trees, shrubs or plants installed for privacy will grow with little maintenance or effort. This time of year new installations are essentially zero maintenance, as cooler temperatures and an increase in rainfall aid plants’ establishment. 

More native plant gardens in Saratoga

Wildflower gardens in Saratoga Springs

When people want to visually block out their neighbors with privacy landscaping using native plants, trees and shrubs, everyone in the neighborhood wins. The human residents get the benefit of the addition of beauty, color and more privacy. The birds, butterflies and various pollinators of the community get brand new sources of food, shelter and habitat. The roadsides and wetlands of Saratoga Springs even see improvement over time as birds and small mammals spread seeds from the privacy landscaping into the far corners of the city limits.