Peeking into the Wildlife Rehabilitators World

When I first read Crow Planet by Lyanda Lynn Haupt I remember being absolutely transported to another place as I tried to picture a day in the life of a wildlife rehabilitator, like Ms. Haupt herself. When I learned that a new friend was also a wildlife rehabilitator, I knew I had to connect with [...]

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Urban wildlife gardens

Lately urban wildlife gardens have been on my mind a lot. Maybe its because of a book I read recently called Crow Planet, by author Lyanda Lynn Haupt. Ms. Haupt has a lot to say about the nature of wildness, that many of us are locked up in our heads believing that nature is out [...]

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Habitat Benefit Garden Tour

   On August 9th there will be a Habitat Benefit Garden Tour in Saratoga Springs from 4pm-7pm. The tour is self guided, consisting of ecosystem friendly, sustainable gardens designed by Jessecology. Tickets are $10 and will support the Saratoga Code Blue Shelter. They are available at 2 locations: the help desk of the Healthy Living [...]

Momma’s habitat garden

Momma's habitat garden Over the past several years, my mother (a pragmatic vegetable gardener for most of her life) has been learning about native plants and habitat garden development via Jessecology blogposts. Her initial curiousity bloomed into a real interest, and she's been asking me for some time to help renovate the south side of [...]

Ease up on the yard work. It’s just kinder.

This time of year, people wear themselves and each other out with raking, leaf blowers and cutting every green, soft tissued stem they can find down to the ground. It really needs to stop. This incessant fixation on neatness and sterility is counter productive for our wildlife. Many species of birds overwinter in our cold [...]

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