Jessecology and Ecological Lawn Care

In the 8 years that I've been working in gardens in Saratoga and Lake George, many of my clients have requested help with lawn care. My interest in lawns is beyond non-existant. I actively encourage everyone to replace lawn space with gardens, or at least plant maintenance free turf like Creeping Thyme or Sedum. People [...]

Organic Insect Control 101

In 2004 the house I lived in became a shared residence with some neighborhood ants. By then I knew enough about chemistry and my regular proximity to the garden- adjacent directly with the house- that I did not want to use any poisons. A scientist from Rodale said simply, and I don't recall the exact [...]

Results of Poor Plant Choices, 2 Years Later.

Yesterday found me on a lovely piece of property doing some more early spring gardening tasks. This particular client ascribes to the wildlife habitat gardening school of thought which involves leaving the plants up all winter so the birds can feed on them and get shelter from predators behind taller species. Native plants (like New [...]

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