The Monarch Butterfly Waystation at Healthy Living Market in Saratoga Springs, NY

This spring I was delighted to be asked to be a part of one of the loveliest projects I could imagine. There's a health food store in Saratoga Springs, NY called Healthy Living, which occupies the former JC Penny retail location in the Wilton Mall. Healthy Living sells organic and artisan foods, much of it [...]

Year Two in a Saratoga Springs, NY Eco-friendly Garden

In July of 2013 I designed and installed an eco-friendly garden in Saratoga Springs, NY. The new, eco-friendly landscaping is mostly located in the front yard of the property, and it's really developed into something beautiful this year. We decided to create a formal garden theme to fit the track neighborhood motif. There is gorgeous [...]

Native Plants at the Mall?

At the Healthy Living Market in the Wilton Mall, just off exit 15 in Saratoga Springs, NY, I've been asked to plant a garden that's a mix of edible annuals (vegetables and flowers) and perennials, herbs and flowering native species. For Saratoga native plant lovers and natural gardening enthusiasts, this is a dream project. It's [...]

Seasonal gratitude from a gardener’s viewpoint

Last week on the other website I contribute to, I wrote an homage to November gratitude, wildlife gardening style. The post is essentially a soliloquy of beautiful moments I experienced over the summer of 2013 and my observations about the garden or ecological settings contributing to the beauty. One experience I forgot to mention is [...]

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