More about how to repel ticks naturally (mosquitoes too.)

Last spring I wrote about repelling ticks naturally. These days people who garden, hike, swim, fish or hunt are more thoughtful of protecting themselves from the Lyme Disease epidemic as more and more people are affected. So, this spring I'd mentioned my natural protection tricks, which at the time included essential oils, carefully chosen clothing [...]

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Hops Orchard Project

This summer I am growing, of my own volition and for my own edification, a hops orchard. At harvest time, in autumn, the hops cones will be sold to Adirondack Brew Pub, the hippest brewery in the Lake George-Saratoga region. Shown in the photos are the teepee structures used for trellising. Hops grow as high [...]

Organic Insect Control 101

In 2004 the house I lived in became a shared residence with some neighborhood ants. By then I knew enough about chemistry and my regular proximity to the garden- adjacent directly with the house- that I did not want to use any poisons. A scientist from Rodale said simply, and I don't recall the exact [...]

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