Lake George Rain Gardens Progress

This past May I collaborated with some local contractors on a large rain garden project in Lake George, NY. This week we returned to take some photos of the rain gardens progress. Shown above is the rain garden that we manipulated to behave as a wetland habitat; this piece of the property has standing water [...]

On a recent visit to the DEC tree nursery in Saratoga

This past week I finally had a chance to do something I've meant to for weeks: visit the Saratoga DEC Tree Nursery. I drive by it on Route 50 all the time on my way to garden design projects in the Saratoga and capital district. I've been more than curious: I've read about some of [...]

Rain Gardens in Lake George, NY

This past week found me planting a series of Rain Gardens in Lake George, composed entirely of native plants. Pictured here is the shade garden. Species include Wild Columbine, Heart Leafed Aster, Wild Ginger, Great Blue Lobelia, Cardinal Flower, Foamflower, Alumroot, Culver's Root and Trillium. These gardens are engineered to prevent erosion from storm runoff. [...]