IMG_3828.JPG This summer I had the privilege of doing ecological garden renovations at a farm in Saratoga. The farm is located in quintessential farm country, heading east on the way to Schuylerville, surrounded by miles on all sides of wild beauty. It’s a dream location for this exact kind of project: planting dozens of native plants at a site like this has immediate and noticeable results. Songbird populations are bolstered and more butterflies show up almost overnight. This was the first location where I observed some Monarch butterflies this year, most likely due to all the wild Milkweed plants growing in the fields and roadsides adjacent to the site.

IMG_3822.JPG The property has heavy clay soil and as a result of a mature tree line, mostly partial shade conditions which affected our plant choices.

IMG_3824.JPG The ecological garden renovations to this Saratoga farm property will provide an inviting space for hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflies, songbirds, native bees and many other pollinators.

IMG_3832.JPG We also developed a shady, woodland habitat garden that will eventually look like a woodland meadow garden with a stone path through it.

IMG_3834.JPG This property is located on a busy road and the homeowners struggled for years with poor visibility at the road’s edge. We used the lasanga organic no-till garden method to smother the vegetation, and after a week planted a mix of native groundcovers and native species vines that can behave like groundcover when they are not climbing anything.