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Niskayuna Butterfly Garden

This Schenectady county home transformed overnight into a Monarch Butterfly Waystation with the addition of this butterfly garden, forming a lovely wildlife corridor that hummingbirds also visit during migration season.


Hot Tub Monarch Waystation

Hot Tub Monarch Waystation This Saratoga County hot tub site was barren and weedy when we first met the homeowner. We planted a fencerow garden of native plants, including some of the prettier native [...]


Saratoga Lake Foundation Gardens

Saratoga Lake Foundation Gardens When we met this homeowner, they had experienced a lot of soil erosion to the sandy soil around the base of their home. They hoped to have native plant landscaping [...]


Saratoga Wildflower Gardens Estate

Saratoga Wildflower Gardens Estate In 2012 we met a homeowner in the Meadow Brook neighborhood who was tired of mowing his lawn. He didn't like the chemicals the needy lawn required and he didn't [...]


Queensbury Backyard

Queensbury Backyard This photo shows the progress of the day we planted a garden of native plants in Queensbury, NY and one year later when it was established and in bloom. The homeowners live [...]