Snowy Holiday Gardens

Snowy Holiday Gardens The beauty and stillness of the winter holidays is upon us, and though winter solstice is still eight days away we've already had multiple snow storm events, often lasting days on end. The effect of the snow on the outdoors in general and our gardens in particular is just sheer beauty- quiet, [...]

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Visiting a local Bird Conservation Area

Yesterday I took a hike in a natural area close to my home for natural inspiration . In Moreau Lake State Park, where I was for the afternoon, there is a Bird Conservation Area. This is a New York state sanctioned, DEC monitored and protected reserve. There are 52 areas state wide, and they are [...]

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A sincerely eco-friendly Christmas Tree

Something has always troubled me about the practice of mass cuttings of conifer trees for Christmas trees this time of year. In my adult life I have never once been able to stomach the tradition in my home, and this year a new inspiration hit. The herb, Rosemary, grown organically in container gardening or as [...]