More butterfly habitat gardening insights

This past weekend I had the privilege of being asked to teach a workshop on butterfly habitat gardening at the Albany 2013 Capital District Garden and Flower Show. I've since heard from several people who wanted to attend and couldn't; this post will summarize the butterfly habitat gardening presentation. Carole Sevilla Brown recently composed an [...]

We are building a new “Native Plants Gallery” page.

We are building a new Native Plants Gallery page, it will be an ongoing project as there are so many wonderful New York native plants! Frequently people I meet are not familiar with native plant species, or even what defines a plant as being native. This is because in many localities, native plants are obscure [...]

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On a recent visit to the DEC tree nursery in Saratoga

This past week I finally had a chance to do something I've meant to for weeks: visit the Saratoga DEC Tree Nursery. I drive by it on Route 50 all the time on my way to garden design projects in the Saratoga and capital district. I've been more than curious: I've read about some of [...]

A visit to the Saratoga gardening Mecca of the Otrembiak Farm.

One of the first things that happened to me upon arrival at the Otrembiak Farm today was holding a baby duckling who immediately pooped on me. I got to help plant melons in the field. The black plastic blocks weeds and heats the soil underneath. One of the melons I planted is shown here. The [...]

Jessecology and Ecological Lawn Care

In the 8 years that I've been working in gardens in Saratoga and Lake George, many of my clients have requested help with lawn care. My interest in lawns is beyond non-existant. I actively encourage everyone to replace lawn space with gardens, or at least plant maintenance free turf like Creeping Thyme or Sedum. People [...]

Paradigm Shift

I have noticed, in my north to south daily migration patterns, an ever so slight trend among open-minded gardeners in the Saratoga county region to be more ecology minded in regards to their weeds. This photo, of Dandelion greens being sold for salad produce, was taken at the White River Junction, VT food co-op. Ecological [...]

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