Surprise grapefruit seedlings and joy

This winter I discovered grapefruit. It happened advertantly when I bought some grapefruit shower gel and realized if anything could taste as good as that smelled, it would be impossible to hate it. A couple weeks later, my friend was cutting my hair and offered me an organic grapefruit. Hesitantly I accepted- I've always hated [...]

Late Spring and Early Summer Indoor Gardening Joy.

This week, as late spring rapidly turns to early summer, I'm witnessing a profusion of gorgeous Passiflora blooms. Several types of Passionflowers- Maypop is shown above and Star of Clevedon below. The Lake George region is a great place to have an indoor garden: winters are so long, dark and cold up here. It's really [...]

Indoor Gardening for Winter Blues-busters (or joy!)

It happened quietly and fiercely early Sunday morning. One of the Hibiscus watersprouts that we are rooting (with Coleus for a hormone punch) burst into an unexpected blossom, right in the slightly fertilized water it lives in!! This isn't a clear indicator that we're meeting our objective of rooting the Hibiscus tree; it's quite possible [...]

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