Jessecology and Ecological Lawn Care

In the 8 years that I've been working in gardens in Saratoga and Lake George, many of my clients have requested help with lawn care. My interest in lawns is beyond non-existant. I actively encourage everyone to replace lawn space with gardens, or at least plant maintenance free turf like Creeping Thyme or Sedum. People [...]

No mow, no maintenance organic lawn project in Saratoga, NY

Earlier this spring, a gardening client in Saratoga, near the Wilton Wildlife Preserve indicated an open-mindedness to exploring with no mow turf alternatives. There is a patch of space by her driveway that is never fully lush with lawn due to snow removal pile-up. She is sitting pretty in alternative turf experimentaion, as she already [...]

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Paradigm Shift, Part 2.

There's so much more to say about the Paradigm Shift we are experiencing, it may take many more blogposts to do it justice. As people realize they will be healthier and save money by learning about ecological gardening and organic lawn care, we see interest growing in home and business owners alike. Run of the [...]

Paradigm Shift

I have noticed, in my north to south daily migration patterns, an ever so slight trend among open-minded gardeners in the Saratoga county region to be more ecology minded in regards to their weeds. This photo, of Dandelion greens being sold for salad produce, was taken at the White River Junction, VT food co-op. Ecological [...]

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