Replacing Barberry with Native Wildflowers in Saratoga Springs, NY

Recently I wrote an article about the link between using Japanese Barberry shrubs in landscaping and an increase in human Lyme disease infection rates in the surrounding neighborhoods. As people in Saratoga Springs, NY are learning about how we the people are collaborating against ourselves in a public health crisis through lazy and shortsighted landscaping practices, [...]

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Conservation Bouquets with Invasive Plants

    Conservation Bouquet with Invasive Plant Purple Loosestrife   A deep appreciation for native plants usually is cultivated in a person's mind or heart once education about invasive plants really sinks in. Once I understood a little bit about how noxious, introduced invasive species can crowd out natural areas and prevent our wildlife [...]

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Poison Parsnip Season

Being mid June, it's now the time of year that Poison Parsnip (aka Wild Parsnip or Pastinaca sativa) is blooming on the roadsides, ditches, marshes and forest edges of Saratoga County. Many people confuse Poison Parsnip with the early blooming shade tolerant native species plant Golden Alexander (Zizea aurea), which is a larval host plant [...]

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