Snapshots from a small indoor garden.

It's mid-January, and magic is everywhere if you know how to look for it. My indoor gardening space is bright, low maintenance and reflects back much more energy than it takes. To live with me, plants must be tough. I won't put up with fussy divas who need frequent spidermite or thrip patrol. After years [...]

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July blooms in an Adirondack Indoor Garden

Today I woke up to discover one of the nicest surprises possible: my Sapphire Passiflora was set to open a bloom today! It unfurled slowly through the morning. This variety is an old friend, I hesitate to use the word, "favorite" but it crosses the mind. In our Lake George indoor gardens, there are 11 [...]

Surprise grapefruit seedlings and joy

This winter I discovered grapefruit. It happened advertantly when I bought some grapefruit shower gel and realized if anything could taste as good as that smelled, it would be impossible to hate it. A couple weeks later, my friend was cutting my hair and offered me an organic grapefruit. Hesitantly I accepted- I've always hated [...]

Late Spring and Early Summer Indoor Gardening Joy.

This week, as late spring rapidly turns to early summer, I'm witnessing a profusion of gorgeous Passiflora blooms. Several types of Passionflowers- Maypop is shown above and Star of Clevedon below. The Lake George region is a great place to have an indoor garden: winters are so long, dark and cold up here. It's really [...]

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