On a recent visit to the DEC tree nursery in Saratoga

This past week I finally had a chance to do something I've meant to for weeks: visit the Saratoga DEC Tree Nursery. I drive by it on Route 50 all the time on my way to garden design projects in the Saratoga and capital district. I've been more than curious: I've read about some of [...]

Plant Natives for Exponential Kindness to Wildlife.

This Blossoming Elderberry is in a garden just north of Saratoga, NY. I planted it last autumn for my client, applauding his native and habitat plant choice. This property is surrounded by a three-quarters crescent moon shaped forest edge, giving the five acres lots of riparian zone activity. It is honestly the quintessential habitat lot: [...]

Surprise grapefruit seedlings and joy

This winter I discovered grapefruit. It happened advertantly when I bought some grapefruit shower gel and realized if anything could taste as good as that smelled, it would be impossible to hate it. A couple weeks later, my friend was cutting my hair and offered me an organic grapefruit. Hesitantly I accepted- I've always hated [...]

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Planting Native Trees in Saratoga Springs, NY

I just found this article from the D.E.C. I had no idea the DEC was doing this: selling native trees to home owners and schools at a discount to encourage growth of appropriate habitat trees or plants for our region. This tree nursery is located on Route 50 in Saratoga, heading toward Ballston Spa. I'm [...]

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The Summer in Review, Part 2

It is mid-November as I write this. Many of the gardens that I work in are a ways south of where I live, and they are experiencing a strange, elongated season of warm and wonderful weather. In fact it is so pronounced that at one client's home the daffodil bulbs are confused and sprouting: 7-8" [...]

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The summer in review

The other day we had a hard freeze where I live. I knew it was coming, but I felt devastated anyways. My Dahlias had been profusely flowering in a last gasp attempt to be productive, my Yellow Bell Pepper was forming new baby peppers. All this flurry of life had given me a strange denial [...]

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