Edible Gardening for Children in Saratoga Springs, NY

These days a lot of people want to grow their own organic food in edible gardens, at home. In Saratoga Springs I have several clients who have edible gardens in raised beds like the one shown here. It is always a good idea to plant to attract pollinators, like the Sunflower, Borage and Nasturtium in [...]

Children’s gardening in Lake George, NY

Last year I was commissioned by an amusement park to put together a children's gardening project in Lake George, NY. We decided to plant organic edible gardens in non-permanent raised beds, using an excellent quality organic soil. The project was boatloads of fun for everyone involved- as the summer progressed, the children experienced harvesting organic [...]

Children’s Gardening Project

This week found me delightfully engaged in one of my all time favorite types of gardening projects: I was comissioned by an amusement park center near me to design and install some Children's Gardens, with the kids there helping! We decided to use Little Acres because they are the perfect size for manageable fun for [...]

Funspot Basil Project with Kids!!

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to my area's local fun center for kids (skating rink, minitiature golf, go-carts and big playgrounds), "The Fun Spot," to do a planting project with the kids: pots of basil seeds, and a simple lesson on after care. (Sunny window, frequent watering.) We used organic seeds [...]

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Children and gardens

A great way to begin teaching children about nature is to have some special space just for them in the garden! There are many projects that grab active youngsters attention. Choosing plants that grow quickly is always a good bet, as children can see the difference in the garden from day to day. There are [...]

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