Snowy Holiday Gardens


Snowy Holiday Gardens
The beauty and stillness of the winter holidays is upon us, and though winter solstice is still eight days away we’ve already had multiple snow storm events, often lasting days on end. The effect of the snow on the outdoors in general and our gardens in particular is just sheer beauty- quiet, soft joy.


I welcome the snow and peacefulness of the snowy holiday gardens. A colleague believes winter is the best season in the garden, because we really get to reflect on the given year and observe the plants in dormancy. That is, of course assuming we observe the best practice in gardening for wildlife of not cutting native species perennials down until spring, letting birds eat the plant’s seedheads and increase their shelter space in the world.


Politics and pop culture news has been turbulent lately, the world has felt like a harsh place. Though a lot of people complain about driving in the snow, I adore the annual 3-4 month hibernation period. The restoring silence of the snowy holiday gardens causes my insides to sing, and knowing the ephemeral cold never lasts forever makes it tolerable.

Get Your Handmade Holiday Garden Greeting Cards by Jessecology

Dear friends,

I have so enjoyed the gardens that I’ve had the pleasure of creating – the habitats they provide, their impact on our local eco-systems, and the humans that I’ve been able to make happy with their beautiful, healthy new garden living spaces.

I love them so much that I knew I needed to share the joy with all of you.

Handmade garden holiday cards by jessecology with scenes from Saratoga County gardensThis year, we’re introducing our new handmade holiday cards, featuring some of my favorite garden projects from this spring and summer.

And to remind you that a greener spring is just around the corner, we will happily include seed packs for plants native to the Saratoga County region.

The Details:

Get 5 beautiful handmade cards featuring our photos of local Saratoga gardens for just $25 (including shipping!)

Supplies are limited, order yours today!

Thank you again for the opportunity to do what I love, making the world a little bit more environmentally friendly, one garden at a time.

Have a happy, green holiday,

XO, Jesse

Looking for a bigger gift?Include a Jessecology garden design gift certificate with your card and help your loved ones to grow a greener space of their own!

Dreaming of a Green Christmas – My Top 7 Green Gift List

Love, love love these green garden-related products and services.

Gift GuideIf you’re anything like me, you dream of green while the world is cold and covered in white. This holiday season, why not do as I do and bring the garden into your home?

I’ve curated a list of some of my favorite products, including a shelf-load of books to keep you company while you’re snowed in.  Best of all, I’ve included links to where you can get them for yourself, today, on each and every page.  (‘Cause we all know how annoying it is to have to hunt up a product once we fall in love with it!)

PS- Have any suggestions for items to add?  Let me know!  I’d love to share them with my friends and followers. 

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