• Jessecology provides weeding and garden maintenance
  • Give the gift of plants
  • Jessecology provides custom garden design and makeovers

Garden Coaching & Consultations

The extreme weather patterns we’ve experienced recently have left many home gardeners baffled. Plants are behaving differently or sometimes giving up altogether. Oftentimes this is the result of poor plant choices and I can help. What used to simply be a lot of exhausting work has now just become fruitless, many times. There’s an easier way: ecological gardening and landscaping methods are accessible and fun, it is often just a matter of access to information. I am available for consultations and garden coaching; oftentimes a little education is the magic that resolves big issues for gardeners and puts the power back in our hands.

Custom Landscape and Garden Design & Installations

My vision as an eco-friendly landscape designer is to create naturally beautiful and stress-free landscaping and garden scapes with an ecological approach that co-operates with nature. I specialize in low maintenance landscaping and gardens that extend the natural habitat surrounding the property and feature native plant species. Landscape designs I specialize in creating include low maintenance, organic landscaping systems for corporate and small business locations and residential properties and new construction, butterfly habitat gardens, hummingbird gardens, children’s gardens, songbird gardens, rain gardens for storm water runoff sites, feng shui gardens, or zen gardens, pollinator gardens (which are great for beekeepers and also to interplant in edible gardens,) shade or woodland gardens, gardens optimized for retirees (all the fun and even less of the work,) landscape systems that are safe for pets and other wildlife, edible gardens and low maintenance native species shrub and tree installations.

Habitat Restoration Landscaping and Garden Design

The backbone of habitat restoration is the use of plant material indigenous to a given region coupled with an absence of harmful chemicals. Most traditional landscaping uses mostly exotic plant species, which automatically creates a high maintenance system, as the exotic plants need pampering with fertilizers, other chemicals and irrigation. All Jessecology landscape designs are exclusively sourced with plant species native to New York state, which naturally make inroads for habitat restoration and easily thrive without chemical inputs or irrigation. Specialty projects include butterfly habitat gardens, hummingbird and songbird habitat systems, pollinator gardens, rain gardens for storm water drainage and overflow sinks, and native species shrub and tree installations.

For Developers & Builders

When new housing developments or commercial properties are built, landscape design is an important component of completion. Often the landscaping is an afterthought in new developments, plant choices made by conventional landscapers with limited pallets and plebian taste. There are many benefits to having me design and install native plant beds for your projects, and not just how much better looking the landscaping will be. Native plant systems are much lower maintenance than run-of-the-mill landscaping, once established they require no extra fertilization and in average conditions natural rainfall satisfies their watering needs. This saves significantly on sprinkler system installations, as they are not needed. Native plants repopulate the ecosystem that was disturbed by bulldozers and new impervious surface additions. This creates new habitat for wildlife, and looks good to the DEC and various planning boards. I am available and delighted to take on projects large or small for builders and developers, I can offer properties a natural landscape design and gardening style that’s sincerely unique. I’m also willing to facilitate communications in meetings with planning boards or the DEC.