This summer, being the landscape designer for the gardens at the Saratoga Springs Healthy Living Market has been full of lots of colorful and joyful surprises. Developing Saratoga Spring’s first urban shopping mall parking lot Monarch Butterfly Waystation was a delightful adventure to be a part of, and more lovely experiences continue to unfold as the result of the Monarch habitat development. Recently when doing some light end of season management, I stumbled into an organic surprise at the Healthy Living Garden site.




All summer long, a local nature photographer was secretly photodocumenting the space’s transformation into a Monarch butterfly habitat oasis. What a nice surprise- I had no idea! These four Monarch photos are used by permission from Thelma and Louise Nature Photography, taken onsite at the Healthy Living Market’s Monarch Waystation Garden and they have hundreds more photos. Thelma and Louise is actually a duo of ladies who are available to hire for your nature photography needs and they can be reached at [email protected]

IMG_4004.JPG This Clouded Sulpher butterfly photo was also taken by Thelm and Louise photography, also used with permission. A couple devoted nature photographers staking out and photodocumenting the urban habitat at Healthy Living was just the refreshing, organic surprise November needed.