Last year I started a new woodland garden in Glens Falls, NY, and this week I got a call from the client saying that everything was in bloom and I should come photograph. The picture above shows Trillium luteum and Phlox divaricata. Landscape design for shade gardens is really enjoyable because the structure is a lot more maleable than full sunscapes.

20140521-095059.jpg In this space the design theory was set to mirror the porch’s frame work with the tallest plants at the outer side edges, medium height plants in the mid sections and low groundcovers around the front sides.

20140521-095541.jpg Native woodland plants for shade gardens are so delicate and elegant; it’s an entirely different type of experience than landscaping in full sun and a gentler one. Many people overlook the shady parts of their properties, erroneously thinking that the range of possible landscape choices there are very limited. With access to a good native plants nursery, shady spaces can become woodland garden wonderlands.