20140407-160339.jpg Native Plants in Malta, NY
Since the dawn of 2014 two months ago, there’s been an astonishing and welcome push for sustainability in the landscaping industry I work in. Not unlike a tsunami. The year started out with an article on Forbes website about the biodiversity crisis in our country and sincere education about using native plant species in our landscaping for wildlife population and habitat restoration. I think that’s as mainstream as it gets. And just last week an excellent article was published on the Huffington Post expressing in blunt terms the selfishness of continuing to design gardens and landscaping according to any other aesthetic than beauty through habitat restoration. With my background in Ecology, my years of experience developing habitat restoration landscape designs with native plants for homes and businesses and my passion for wildlife conservation I couldn’t be happier for the explosive push in the landscaping industry and online environment toward native plant use and sustainable methods. Saratoga County has been environmentally conscious for a long time, and all the whirlwind construction and development happening in Malta, NY around exit 12 makes me hopeful that more native plants will be used in the landscaping.

Native plants are the missing link in landscaping and garden designs that can make inroads into habitat restoration. Butterfly species that are marginalized can see a seamless localized population bump when we knowingly or unknowingly plant their (usually native) species host plants. Malta, NY has used so much thoughtfulness and care regarding the development of the town. Small businesses are encouraged and a small urban corridor that’s almost European in style has unfolded, and is unfolding. Sustainable landscape design, eco-friendly landscape design that includes tons of native plants in Malta, NY, and all the other wonderful parts of Saratoga County is just sensible at this point. All the decision makers in Malta have done a nice job of creating a community that’s aesthetically pleasing, supportive of small businesses, safe for families and decently respectful of the treasure that is Saratoga County’s pristine wetland and forest habitats when developing. It will set Malta apart on a national level if all the landscaping that is about to happen in the coming storm of urban development is done using sustainable methods and includes lots of native plants.

20140409-100449.jpg Perfect location for good things to happen. Town of Malta Ecological Park is located on Malta Ave.