20130813-144835.jpg photo credit, Post Star’s Jason McKibben.

About Lyme Disease

Exposure to Lyme disease seems to go hand in hand with spending time outdoors, in gardens or natural areas these days. Last spring I wrote about my experience with repelling ticks naturally, and have been blown away by the massive returns of communication from people searching for information on this topic; fear of Lyme ticks is affecting the people in epidemic proportions.

Over the past eight and a half months, I’ve been healing from Lyme disease. I don’t discuss it in this forum, because this blog exists to narrate and photojournalize my habitat garden designs, and to express my ecological observations and trends in nature. I do have a lot of positive experience to share about beating Lyme disease, and I’ve been invited to be a contributor at a hotspot of Lyme information and encouragement, Lyme-Aid.net. Here, if you are interested, you will be able to read about Lyme disease and the modalities and methodologies I’ve utilized and how they’ve worked for me. The literature I read will be reviewed sometimes, the experimental, holistic and conventional western measures I’ve experienced will be detailed. This, Jessecology Organic Garden Design blog space will continue to be devoted to habitat garden design narration and photojournalism. But for others who also spend a lot of time in the gardens and woods and are looking for encouragement, or just to see what’s worked for somebody else, I’ll be regularly contributing words that are meant to uplift to Lyme-Aid.net.