A week and a half ago on the other website I contribute to, Beautifulwildlifegarden.com, I wrote about my 2012 edible container garden, and had taken some pictures at the Saratoga Organic Supply store where my friend is currently growing some beautiful, healthy, organic leafy green vegetables.

Stopping in a week and a half later, I was astonished at how much more robust and developed the lettuce and other greens had become. I felt bashful for not having started any veggies at home yet this spring, because nothing is nicer than home grown kale and lettuce.

It rained all day today, a steady torrential downpour in 50 degrees Farenheit. I haven’t been able to put the lettuce lab out of my mind since seeing it the other day, and so at noon today I put on my raincoat, loaded my ipod with the Smith’s music and planted snowpeas around the edges of my porch. Springing into the edible garden, planting peas in the rain: Hello spring, we are all ready for you!