Sell your lawn mower now, while it still has market value.As New Year’s Day approaches, there’s lots of chatter about New Year’s resolutions. Frivolous pop culture machinations aside, serious and visceral changes in our country’s lawn care practices is badly needed, overdue.

There are eco-friendly lawn care practices that include using a rotating blade mower, as shown above, carefully watching the rainfall cycles to collaborate the mowing schedule, and omitting all use of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers. Organic lawn care helps a little. All the streams, lakes, rivers will begin to recover from being full of toxic chemical runoff which has resulted in a dead zone the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico. Our current lawn care practices have, among other factors, co-created a baffling scourge of ADHD and Autism in the youth of the next generation, so adoption of organic lawn care practices is pressing. But I posit that it is not enough.

More is needed. More true species habitat plants need to be planted, and allocated space to develop on our properties to restore ecological order. We’ve lost too many species already. Adding native plants into the land we own, that the native wildlife make their living off of is really the only responsible way to garden in 2013 and on. There are other principles to land stewardship, but adding native plants is the least common denomenator, the fun and simple eco-citizen 101 way to begin the conversation about ecosystem reconstruction. Lawns are over. Sell your lawn mower now, before everyone you know is trying to give theirs away for free.