Its always fun to find a gardening surprise when you least expect it.

20121211-141925.jpgI came home last night to find a surprise blossom opening on the Hibiscus in my indoor gardening area. It had eluded my notice somehow. This Hibiscus originated from a cutting off a larger tree, several years ago I rooted the cutting and it’s become a low-maintenance houseplant. Organic houseplant care can be trickier than outdoor organic gardening, but so worth it to see colorful blooms in December!20121211-142734.jpgI have been using organic Rapadura sugar as an organic bloom boost fertilizer for my houseplants.20121211-142935.jpg
That’s my favorite kind of holiday surprise, and it doubles as a Christmas decoration! Maybe this year I’ll string some lights on it.20121211-143128.jpg
After more than a decade of organic indoor gardening, I prefer my houseplants to be tough. “Sink or swim,” I tell every new plant I bring home. Low maintenance is a virtue next to usefulness.20121211-143525.jpg
And somehow it comes together.