Something has always troubled me about the practice of mass cuttings of conifer trees for Christmas trees this time of year. In my adult life I have never once been able to stomach the tradition in my home, and this year a new inspiration hit. The herb, Rosemary, grown organically in container gardening or as a window herb substitutes eloquently as a sincerely eco-friendly Christmas tree, and rather than killing a tree a potted herb augments my indoor gardening practice and my edible gardens in the spring. A new Christmas ritual may have just emerged for my family!
The plant was easy to access, I picked it up from my native plants nursery source, Wild Things Rescue Nursery, I believe she was charging $4 for them. This herb has many medicinal uses- it helps with coughing and sore throats, and it’s wonderful for women’s hair. Rosemary is delicious when freshly accessible for cooking, good with vegetarian dishes or chicken. My husband likes to bake it into gluten-free sourdough bread.

We haven’t decorated our Rosemary plant yet. Whether we do or not, it fills us with joy to know that our household is participating quietly in erosion control. May one conifer at the back of the tree lot grow to maturity and provide shelter, food and that much more habitat for birds who winter over here on our omission to bring it home- rejoice!