In my home container garden, I had planted some potatoes that grew as sprouts in my cupboard. After planting the white, etiolated potato sprouts a couple weeks ago, I mentioned them in a blogpost.
As you can see in the photos, a couple weeks of sunshine makes a world of difference. Now I have enough potato seedlings to share with friends.
Container gardening is an absolute joy because we get full decision making power on the soil type. Microbe rich, organic soil makes the difference for plants.

20120703-153319.jpg Vegetable plants (and all plants really) that get what they need from the soil are better equipped to develop fully, to defend themselves against pest insects and diseases.

20120703-154159.jpg Potatoes take especially well to specialty container gardening set-ups. In the photo potatoes have been planted into creatively engineered raised beds. At harvest time, these tubes of soil can simply be pushed over and the potatoes easily sifted out. This is indescribably easier than digging the roots out of the ground. The same upcycling project can be done with tires as the raised bed material. The higher the tires are stacked, the further down the potatoes will fill in.

This year there’s been a big call for my business to install edible container gardens in the capital region. I use Little Acres as shown in the photo. People seem to like the easy production and compartmentalization of “garden.” I enjoy offering landscape design to the capital region, because people want so many different things.