This year I am growing my own organic wedding bouquet. This project only works for people with a Type B personality: you absolutely must be easy-going to do this.
I purchased some Dahlia tubers from the Otrembiak brother’s Saratoga farm in April, and planted them in my organic container garden. Dahlias, like Zinnias respond to being cut by flowering more profusely, and forming larger blooms.

The flower arrangements that florists produce are certainly ascetically pleasing, but they are definitely not pesticide-free. I have never heard of an organic florist; although perhaps in a more urban area there’s a bigger demand and someone fills it.
I prefer to grow my own flowers anyway, it’s much more personal and really the only part of wedding arrangements I have any interest in at all. Gardening in Saratoga is such a beauty-filled experience, it only seems pragmatic to me to extend some of the organic blooms that we have anyways into our wedding ceremonies.