20120714-225642.jpg We released live Monarch butterflies at an already beautiful wedding ceremony today: our dear friends were married on a butterfly habitat rich farm in Saratoga, so this seemed like an ecologically appropriate wedding gift.

There’s lots of Milkweed and other native plants all through this capital region property; the Milkweed single-handedly creates Monarch butterfly habitat. This means the 2 dozen butterflies we released, sourced from a Pennsylvania butterfly farm (Wish Upon a butterfly)and overnight expressed, will have a wonderful life here.

Communing so intimately with the Monarchs was fun for everyone.


Some butterflies flew off immediately; some lingered and posed for photos.

We were happy to be able to source the Monarchs from a butterfly farm at relatively the same latitude as us, considering the Monarchs’ annual migration to Mexico. We wouldn’t want to elongate the north to south trajectory required of these beauties.

20120714-234524.jpg The couple are ecologically conscious gardeners and the farm is in the family. We hope that many subsequent generations of butterflies will be enjoyed for decades.