This winter I discovered grapefruit. It happened advertantly when I bought some grapefruit shower gel and realized if anything could taste as good as that smelled, it would be impossible to hate it. A couple weeks later, my friend was cutting my hair and offered me an organic grapefruit. Hesitantly I accepted- I’ve always hated it, I thought. It was a transcendent experience; I had no idea.

Fast forward to today: I eat close to one grapefruit every day. Imagine my delight to find 2 fully sprouted seedlings in my grapefruit today! As an avid indoor gardener, I’m thrilled to introduce these plants, after potting them, to my tropical indoor garden lab.

For now the grapefruit seedlings are soaking in water in their own rind. Propagation is complete; potting will happen later tonight. In the Lake George region, gardening must be celebrated whether it is indoors or outdoors, native plants or tropical ones. The summer season is too short to be exclusive for garden enjoyment.