Earlier this spring, a gardening client in Saratoga, near the Wilton Wildlife Preserve indicated an open-mindedness to exploring with no mow turf alternatives. There is a patch of space by her driveway that is never fully lush with lawn due to snow removal pile-up.
She is sitting pretty in alternative turf experimentaion, as she already has a copious amount of creeping Thyme and several varieties of groundcover Sedum abundantly sprawling on all corners of her property. In April we moved quite a bit of this Sedum, and this is the progression after a month and a half. It will never need to be fertilized or mowed, and barely watered. Time will tell if it’s burly enough to take the beating the snow packs; if so she will be have a maintenance free turf patch, and potentially interested in replacing more high maintenance, needy grass with Sedum or Thyme.