Today I was invited to visit the Gomez Family Farm, highly productive vegetable gardens south of Saratoga. The style of gardening is work horse utilitarian, high volume output and all natural methods. It was beautiful to observe. The Gomez’ produce can be acquired at the farmer’s markets in Saratoga year round, and other farmstand locations as well.


Ladybugs and other predator insects are the first line of defense, after prevention.

Each week I stock up on this Kale; my family integrates it daily into our protein shakes- it was exhilarating to see it in it’s native clay soil, beautiful as anything.




20120617-220637.jpg Organic pest control methods are obviously used, as shown above in the trap- I assume for Woodchucks. And below, in the solar powered electric fence.

Local food is closer to the source of it’s soil; eating healthy becomes much easier when the food is still alive and nutrient dense.

Every season is perfect because it’s a whole experience. Summer just doesn’t seem to stop oozing wonderful gifts left and right, though.