Today I found myself in one of the most beautiful native plant habitat gardens I’ve ever seen, weeding and sculpting the wild beds for my Saratoga home owner.

The gardens were single-handedly planted by one lady. She has excellent taste and a great handle on her Latin taxonomy.

This property is full of fun, other-world surprises.

20120611-225447.jpg Who doesn’t love a Joe Pye Weed border?

This habitat oasis garden is, as everyone would guess, teeming with songbirds and butterflies. Dragonflies too. With fountains supplying water sources, excellent native plant choices for sustenance, and rich pockets of shelter, this property provides everything our local wildlife needs in a garden.

Working here is an absolute pleasure. It’s several minutes from the lake on foot, which brings an elegant breeze and microclimate.

For information on developing a garden system like this where you live, there’s a wonderful website: Beautiful Wildlife Garden.