The past year has brought me the good fortune of developing a close friendship with my region’s premier Feng Shui Consultant. A side benefit to a rich friendship has been my absorption of major Feng Shui principles. If you have an interest in learning these, I suggest following Brenda’s facebook page. Useful suggestions are offered in a digestable, piecemeal format. Brenda is generous.

I utilized the Feng Shui knowledge to plant a specialty gardening project at a Bed and Breakfast in Lake George called Somewhere in Time. This is an event center, most weekends a wedding is hosted.

20120527-083413.jpg (Note. My design only included the beds in the four corners.)

Each bed has a gemstone, or a pile of several gemstones, to reflect the signifigance of it’s location. (Feng Shui information- for further clarification, see Brenda Jenks.) Most of the gemstones were acquired on a visit to Gemstar Gemstones in New Hamshire, although Alyson Epstein at Bay St. Beadworks helped out with some last minute, and luminous pieces of Rose Quartz.

20120527-085038.jpg Here is a series of photos from the Gem Shop.



From these photos, amethyst (purple) and agate (blue) were used.

20120527-085543.jpg Shown here is the “Wealth” Corner. Purple is the theme color- Amethyst, Meadowrue, Ligularia, a specialty Chocolate Geranium were planted.

20120527-090219.jpg This is the Spirituality and Knowledge Corner. A chunk of Blue Agate is the stone, Blue Lupine, Great Blue Lobelia (which will be much more majestic when it establishes!), Perrenial Forget-Me-Not, and a shaggy Phlox reign here. Most of the designs incorporate native plants; almost all will attract butterflies or songbirds.

20120527-090648.jpg Culver’s Root, aka Black Cohosh, in the Traveling and Important People Corner.

20120527-091713.jpg The Marriage and Romance Corner is pink: filled with Mayapple, Heliaborus, Bleeding Heart and a different Geranium. Rose Quartz, in a pile is the key stone.

20120527-092008.jpg Maidenhair Fern- my favorite native fern- rounds out the Traveling and Important People Corner.