Native Plant Nursery/Wildflower Farm

Independently growing the native species plants, trees, shrubs and native grasses for our landscape designs inhouse since 2014. We grow and sell thousands of indigenous species plants every year, including many rare and/or endangered species plants. The nursery is located at our Saratoga County home. Though the lionshare of our stock is grown exclusively for our landscaping clients, we also sell wholesale to the trade, welcome DIY gardeners occasionally by appt, and have a booth at several festival markets each year.
We do a lot of seed propagation work, and grow 100% naturally with zero artificial chemical fertilization inputs. Organically grown wildflowers are the most honest plants you will ever meet! If they are flowering, it’s because they really want to. Native plants grown in the small nursery setting have a deep connection to the season and moment of the year. No one has manipulated them through the growing process, and they arrive to your home very tough with muscular roots, self-possessed, ready to make the best years of their life with you, in the ground. Plants grown in a big box store have been manipulated by chemicals to perform an obscene display, and they peak on the shelf in the pot. The climax of their life is achieved before you meet them. Native perennials grown naturally by small growers can’t wait to hit the soil and throw down deep roots. It’s a quieter process than the big box cycle. It can take patience and imagination to have natural gardens. Ultimately it is the sustainable option. As the natural beauty of your native plant landscaping matures, you grow in independence with your low maintenance garden system that requires zero fertilizers and no irrigation system.
We offer free delivery for plant orders over $250 to the Saratoga, Albany and Schenectady community, and a $20 delivery fee for orders below the $250 minimum. A native plant availability list is available by email request. Yes, we always have Milkweed in stock. Often, 3 different species of Milkweed! Joe Pye, NY Ironweed, Blue Lobelia, Jacob’s Ladder, Liatris, Beebalm, Boneset, Boltonia, Mountain Mint, Cutleaf Coneflower, Beardtongue, Aster, Golden Alexander, Culver’s Root, Blue Vervain and many others too.
For home owners, municipalities, schools and nature preserves interested in bulk seed purchases for meadowscaping or habitat restoration, we love to assist with ethical sourcing of our hand collected seeds. Feel free to contact us at (518) 932-1991 with any questions.