Momma’s habitat garden

Momma's habitat garden Over the past several years, my mother (a pragmatic vegetable gardener for most of her life) has been learning about native plants and habitat garden development via Jessecology blogposts. Her initial curiousity bloomed into a real interest, and she's been asking me for some time to help renovate the south side of [...]

Habitat garden design at the Bed and Breakfast on Glen Lake.

Habitat garden design at the Bed and Breakfast on Glen Lake This past week one of the most delightful projects fell into my lap: a new habitat garden design at a bed and breakfast on Glen Lake in Lake George, NY. The property is owned by some of the lovliest people: educators and ecology enthusiasts. [...]

Adding native plants to the bluebird house gardens in Burnt Hills, NY

Last summer I began transforming a bland ornamental garden in Burnt Hills, NY into a colorful, low maintenance native plant habitat oasis. We began referring to the newly eco-friendly garden property as, "the bluebird house" because soon after the addition of the first round of native plants bluebirds began frequenting the gardens and yard. One [...]

More hummingbird gardening insights

On Friday, 11/18/13 I was asked to give a brief presentation at my business network on habitat gardening for attracting hummingbirds. There was not enough time to express everything I would have liked to, and this post will share more hummingbird gardening insights. Thanks, always, to Brian Seeley for his technical support, consistency and on [...]

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